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Medical network set up by Express Assist Center successfully operates providing services to clients of insurance companies all across the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS. There are more than 3,000 medical institutions administering all range of out- and in-patient treatment. It is noteworthy to mention that Express Assist Centre has entered into agreements with medical institutions not only from regional centers and big cities but also from small towns and settlements which make possible to provide clients with high-quality medical assistance as in their permanent place of residence.

The network is actively used for arrangement of medical air to Russian citizens travelling in the territory of the Russian Federation (e.g. those who travel on business and vacations).

The Express Assist Centre Company can provide the following medical assistance to persons coming to the Russian Federation:

  • Information on paramedical service over the telephone in emergency cases.
  • Round-the-clock consultations of general practitioners.
  • Arrangement of consultations by foreign specialists.
    • round-the-clock emergency care
    • arrangement of out- and in-patient treatment
    • arrangement of in-home examination and treatment
    • payment of medical expenses
  • Arrangement of instrumental and laboratory investigations, tests. Discussion of examination outcomes (if required) with foreign specialists, provision of chemicals for diagnostic tests.
    • Follow-up of treatment and medical care of out- and in-patient clients by communication with doctors and control of treatment and diagnostic progress.
  • Provision of further medical supervision and care.
  • Arrangement of medical evacuation  if clinically indicated by doctors from Express Assist Centre and medical institutions by specifically equipped means of transport, either by medical aircrafts or airliner accompanied by a doctor, nurse provided with required medicines, bandage materials and off-line medical equipment.
  • Arrangement of medical evacuation of the client in case of failure to administer reasonable medical aid in situ because of lack or shortage of medical equipment in local medical institutions and lack of required specialists.
  • Transportation of required specialists and/or medical equipment, medicines, chemical agents to the patient’s location.
  • Arrangement of transportation of client’s minor children left unattended (e.g. because of the client’s illness, admission to hospital) to their home country. If required such transportation is carried out with qualified attendants.