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Express Assist Centre provides medical, motor and legal assistance services to Russian and foreign insurance companies.

Express Assist Centre cooperates with more than 80 companies that have their own network of medical representatives and clinics working in practically all the countries of the world.

All along Express Assist Centre provides the same services to insured persons on the whole territory of Russia and CIS countries.

Express Assist Centre holds an up-to-date well-equipped alarm-centre with highly qualified doctors working 24 hours a day. Alarm-centre’s staff supplies services in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Express Assist Centre, dealing with a wide network of alarm-centres and agents, executes the process of regulating in various insurance cases. For foreign tourists coming to Russia and CIS countries, and for Russian tourists coming abroad Express Assist Centre provides the following kinds of services:

  • medical assistance;
  • legal assistance;
  • motor assistance :
  • home assistance;
  • funeral services.

Information assistance

  • information about possibilities of medical and other kinds of assistance;
  • information about medical institutions with English-speaking staff;
  • assistance to the insured people in getting connected with the insurance companies via telephone, fax or satellite;
  • information about medicines and their substitutes;
  • information transmitting to a client’s relatives or employers on his request.